At Ceresly Good, we appreciate that many people want to shop locally and support local businesses. We know this because this is us too!


We want to know exactly where our food has come from, how it has been grown or prepared, and that the quality is high.

We want to buy directly from the producers, cutting out the 'middle man', and sending those hard-earned profits directly to them.

And we want to shop in an environmentally conscientious way, minimising food miles and the use of unnecessary (plastic) packaging.

The high street has been, and continues to struggle, with so many shop closures. Long standing businesses are disappearing as financial pressures become insurmountable. And whilst this continues, we see the further rise of the giant supermarket conglomerates, which claim to meet our every need.

Sure, supermarkets have much to offer: we wouldn't be living in a world with Tescos, Asdas, Lidls and Aldis at every corner if they didn't.


But amidst our hectic modern lifestyles, we have become somewhat dependent on the convenience of supermarket shopping and making that 'one stop shop' for all our grocery needs.


After all, many independent shops are open during core 9-5 working hours, which in itself is not conducive to fitting with many of our schedules. And for those who can shop within these hours, their needs are unlikely to be met by making a single trip to the town centre.

Ceresly Good believes that you can satisfy your grocery shopping needs by buying from local, independent businesses. We provide an online grocery shop, using goods and produce sourced directly from our numerous Fife-based partner businesses, with the convenience of delivery directly to your door. 

So now you can embrace your shopping goals and #shoplocal!

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