If you've been following our journey of all things new this year, you'll know that we've broadened our horizons from our delicious eggs and veggies to include our very own gently raised meats too! 

Our poultry is the first to hit our virtual shelves! It's often hard to source birds which are genuinely raised in a happy healthy environment, with no exposure to antibiotics or a need to ensure a rapid turnover of product and maximal profit. It takes around 5 weeks from chick to slaughter for mass-produced birds.

Our birds are raised on our farm from day old chicks, so we know everything that goes into their diet and their life experience before we process them. They eat freely and well, with space to exercise, fresh grass to enjoy and a happy life. They have 3 weeks indoors and then when fully feathered, they head out to grass for a further 7 weeks, and are fed with barley, growers pellets and cracked maize (they LOVE the maize!). 

COMING SOON: our pork and lamb!

If you've any questions about our production methods, please get in touch.