Collaboration. Not competition.

Hi, it's Emma here, founder of Ceresly Good.

Ceresly Good was borne out of a combination of opportunity and consideration for others.

It was one of the lucky success stories of lockdown. I'd done a few craft fairs in 2019 with my other mini-enterprise Profanity Cross Stitch, and had met like-minded sellers with their own amazing small businesses. 

When lockdown hit in March 2020, these sellers (who had become friends) began to struggle to get sales with the closure of shops, markets and fairs. Ceresly Good was a small business selling eggs and a few homegrown vegetables at the time, and was mostly selling online... so I added a few items from Bad Gal Boocha and The Witches Kitchen to my sales, and they did well.

From there, it really became a case of putting my big girl pants on and plucking up the courage to approach other local businesses to see if they were interested. It turns out times were hard all round, and people were very keen! We added bread, fruit and veg initially... then cheese... and hummus and dips... and suddenly I found I was adding multiple businesses every week.

At that point I felt I had found something that people wanted. Feedback told me that they liked being able to select from a variety of local produce and have it delivered to them in one box. That they liked knowing exactly where their food was coming from. That they liked this easy way of shopping local that fitted with their hectic lifestyles. And that the service I was providing was essential during those testing months of 2020.

Since then, I've been working to refine our operations to make ordering as easy as possible (it's been a steep learning curve!), and this continues to be a work in progress.


But it all came about  through connection, and reaching out to others when times proved tough. Collaboration. Not Competition. It's the key to our success.