The Promise of the Season Ahead.

Welcome to this blog. It's been brewing away in my head for some time, and with the majority of the new growing season lying ahead, it feels like the right time.

Ceresly Good is still very much in it's infancy, and I would love nothing more than to share that journey with you. But this blog isn't just about the business, it's more than that. Here, I'll share other aspects of my life. I'm not a life-long farmer, in fact the complete opposite. I married a farmer, but my own life was a career of science until 2019 and now I find myself winging life in the mud! There's much blogging fodder here, believe me!

So, in this blog, I'll share with you:

- my experiences towards becoming self-sufficient,

- growing my own veg and, as of this year, flowers (this may be a complete triumph or an utter disaster!)

- development of our walled garden and covered growing spaces,

- recipes!!!

- the lives of the chickens and the other farm animals, and the reality that accompanies them,

- ways of reusing items in the garden (clever ways of reusing things makes me happy!)

- possibly in the future, beekeeping. I've done this before, and will do again when the time is right.

So from heronin, I'll share these aspects of my life, and by default the journey of CG with you openly and honestly, just as it is. Please, please do comment and share your own experiences: it will be far more interesting all round I'm sure, and I'll happily learn from others too :-)

In the photo:

This was a couple of years back now, when we first turned over the walled garden (I use this term loosely!). It was an absolute midden of weeds when we moved here, and I'm still fighting back hard against them. But I love this photo because it holds all the promise of the year ahead and all the potential to go from single tiny seeds to prolific, bountiful harvests.

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