The star of the show... Herb Majesty's herb grazed Christmas turkey! Free range and free from antibiotics, hormones and pesticides, our turkeys are hand raised on wild and cultivated herbs to create a truly delicious bird with moist, succulent meat. The improvement in taste is particularly noticeable when the meat is cold, for that all important turkey sandwich.

Turkeys come with giblets.



 If you can, take a fresh bird on the week beginning 7th December and freeze - this will ensure you have the weight of bird you want safe in your freezer for the big day!


Weights available:

4-5kg (serves 6-7) 

5-6kg (serves 8-10) 

6-7kg (serves 10-12) 

7-8kg (serves 12-14) 

8-9kg (serves 14-16) 

9-10kg (serves 16-18) 

10-11kg (serves 18-20)

Free Range, Herb-Raised Turkey (5-6kg remaining)