Nigella's Prodigious Pavlova is the epitome of Christmas palette, with billowing white meringue, crisp on the outside and deliciously marshmallowy inside, and vibrant rich red raspberry sauce. It's beautifully sweet cut through with the sharpness of the cream and fruit.


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Your kit contains:


8 eggs (white only required) 2.60

500g caster sugar 1.25

4 teaspoons cornflour 0.32

10 passionfruit 3.5

1 tin lychees 1.2

300g frozen raspberries 4.2

25g icing sugar 0.25


Not supplied:

White wine vingar (2 tsp required), a personal preference when making meringue

Vanilla extract (1/2 tsp required)

650ml double cream





Prodigious Pavlova (Nigella Lawson)