Skincare Essentials Gift Set - all our amazing products packaged into one handy little collection. 

Scent free so ideal for breastfeeding mums ideal for those whom suffer with allergies or those who have eczema and for those whom have sensory overload issues with scents.

Based around our essential four point skincare regime:Hydrate, Exfoliate, Cleanse and Moisturise.

- Exfoliate: gently brush your dry skin with one of our bamboo and sisal vegan brushes, from the extremities towards the heart, removing and lifting old skin cells promoting regeneration.

- Cleanse: wet skin lather and rinse with our luxury range flower soap, allowing the exfoliated cells to be washed of with the 500 thread Egyptian cotton face cloth. Remember not to have your shower to hot as this will strip the natural oils on your skin.

- Moisturise: replenish your skin by gently rubbing your heart shaped lotion bar over the surface of your dry skin allowing it to melt at body temperature be absorbed into your skin and hydrate the surface.

- Hydrate: sit back and enjoy a large glass of water as part of your self care routine!

Skincare Essentials Gift Set