This is a hearty feast of a soup! Don't be tied to our veg selection - pick and choose what you want to throw in to the mix. Minestrone is a great way to use up left over veggies rather than wasting them, sound is a real £££ saver too.

Serves 4.


Kit contains:


1 large white onion

1 bulb garlic (4 cloves needed)

4 carrots

1 bunch celery (4 sticks required)

8 large tomatoes

2 white potatoes

3 veg stock cubes*

150g green beans

100g cannellini beans


Optional extras:

1) add pasta ( gluten free options available.

2) add grated parmesan prior to serving (


Not included: olive oil, tomato puree.

(buy them here:


*we haven't yet found an independent supplier of stock cubes. We will include 3 Knorr vegetable stock cubes - at cost value - in your kit: we've chosen Knorr stock cubes because they are gluten free.

Veg-Packed Minestrone Soup